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Now you can find even more fascinating information about the Daily Mile. It will inspire your school to follow. Please feel free to comment.

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17 Responses to Green & Blue Spelling Group Daily Mile Blog

  1. minoche says:

    The daily mile is awesome and you are the best Miss Coward.

  2. mrs kelly says:

    HI I love the daily mile I might not be safe some times because you might fall over.

  3. kalafunga says:

    i can do the daily mile well for people its hard for people but not for me because i am a good runner

  4. Big ant ppap star says:

    I think the daily mile is good way to get fit. I hope more people try their best in it.

  5. THE REAL DANTDM says:

    I don’t like the Daily Mile because you get injured quite easily but what I do like about the Daily Mile is you get more fresh air and you get to exercise.

  6. csm says:

    The Daily Mile is a great way to get fit, so you can enter athletics. Then you can win prizes for your school.

  7. sally boy says:

    If love the daily mile i would love to do the daily mile forever it is very healthy for you would you love to join the daily mile thank you. but why is called daily mile.

  8. mrs kelly says:

    Hi love the daily mile so much i want to run 1 lap thank you for reading my letter mrs coward and dont i am mrs kelly

  9. mr gap says:

    i lovee the mlk its fbun and baby

  10. Mrs Icing pen says:

    Hi the daily mile is great because it is fun.

  11. pikachu says:

    I don’t really like the Daily Mile. The only thing that I like about it is running with my friends and making games like horses and trains.

  12. O; says:


  13. minoche and rainbow pop says:

    The daily mile is so cool but we could improve it. 🙂 We could do this by not bumping into each other.

  14. mrs kelly says:

    \I WAVE\ hi i wish that i could be faster in the daily mile

  15. Make up Girl says:

    I love the daily mile and i’m going to push my self and do 7 laps without stopping
    also the thing is there’s a error because some people might full over but we can fix that by doing the daily mile when its dry because if we do it when its wet we might fall over and hurt our self
    but I love the idea Miss Coward!
    I still LOVE IT because it keeps you fit and healthy.

  16. wendy says:

    I love the daily mile because it makes you fit and not over weight. Sometimes it gets tiring when you are running but then they let you walk.When you walk they don’t let you talk but when your running or jogging they let you talk.It is unsafe when it’s wet but beside that it it very safe.

  17. 123456789 says:

    Keep calm and do the Daily Mile.And miss coward I like the idea of the daily mile.Feel free to reply.

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