Fascinating Facts About Stonehenge

In Year 3 we are learning about Stonehenge. So far we have used books, leaflets and the internet to research. We would like to add to our fascinating facts in this blogs. What have you learned so far? What do you think is the most fascinating fact? Have you anything you can add? Information, diagrams, images or stories.

Miss Coward

Year 3

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3 Responses to Fascinating Facts About Stonehenge

  1. vcoward says:

    This week we are making our own Stonehenge out of clay. We will use two paper plates and paint them green for the grass but we will mix sand to give it some texture. Then we will make the stone with clay. We will make sure that our stones are as close to the real formation as possible. Can anyone remember the name of the ones with three stones?

  2. zane says:

    I have found this interesting fact. The smaller stones are called bluestones because they have a blue tinge when wet or recently broken. These weigh up to 4 tons and come from several different sites in western Wales, having been transported from as far away as 140 miles (225 km).

  3. jeef21 says:

    I love Stonehenge too

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