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Forces and Magnets are Cool!

In Year 3 we are learning about forces and magnets in Science. We think they are fascinating and we want to learn more. We will add information to our blog to help others with their learning. We will add fascinating facts, cool experiments and detailed information. Please add comments to help us with our learning.

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Fascinating Facts About Stonehenge

In Year 3 we are learning about Stonehenge. So far we have used books, leaflets and the internet to research. We would like to add to our fascinating facts in this blogs. What have you learned so far? What do you think is the most fascinating fact? Have you anything you can add? Information, diagrams, images or stories.

Miss Coward

Year 3

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3C’s movie recommendations

Great news we have decided on our new blog topic. We are going to blog exciting, informative and fun movie recommendations. We look forward to your comments and contributions.

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New Topic

Morning 3C!

Have you had a chance to think about what our blog topic will be? Why don’t we first blog about what a blog is and why it will be useful for our learning? I look forward to hearing your views.

Miss Coward

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What is digestion?

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Digital Literacy
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Welcome to the Pine Class Blog!


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Welcome to our Year 5P Blog. How exciting!

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Welcome to your site!

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