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  1. Messi says:

    I think Big Hero Six is a good movie because they all have super powers.

  2. Ameliah says:

    3H and 3C HAVE since been to a Science Museum and they went to a show about forces and magnets and they found out that if you get a red and blue magnet and put them together (the red and red and the blue to the blue) they wont join. Only if you put the blue to the red or the red to the blue then they will can join.

  3. pol jor fredy says:

    The Daily Mile is really good for you. You only need to run seven laps you run around the whole school it’s really healthy after that you can take a healthy snack a healthy milk shake to

  4. Samy says:

    The Daily mile is a fit thing to do. It is healthy and good for you. You run around the School 7 times.

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