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  1. fbracegirdle says:

    Hello Maple class

  2. SR says:

    Hello Mrs Bracegirdle, did you have a nice lunch?

  3. rl says:

    I like mi lunch. Did you like your lich ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello RL
      I am very pleased that you enjoyed your lunch. My favourite bit was my tuna sandwich.
      Mrs B

  4. om says:


  5. ah says:

    hello missb in lunch time I liked pizza it was yummy and I played football with roman and alvaro and salman and me and and ali

  6. fw says:

    Hi mrs fb. I had a great lunch because I played star wars with B and D.

  7. pt says:

    Hello miss B I played with Bertie and Maya.

  8. nb says:

    hello mrs fb . I had a luvlie lunch because I plad witth a,w,i,n.

  9. RH says:

    Hi I had a nice Lunch because my Lunch was delishas. how was your Lunch?

  10. ar says:

    hi miss Bracegirdle I had a very good lunch time I played with Remi Medina and Aimee. I had pizza for lunch and I had nice pudding did you have nice lunch?

  11. br says:

    hello mrs b at lunch I played Star wars with D.
    How was your lunch?

  12. la says:

    Hi miss B I had a lovely Luch time Because I played with Rowan and Eden. Did you

    • fbracegirdle says:

      Dear LA

      I am not surprised that you had such a lovely lunch time because you have some great friends.

      Mrs B

  13. jw says:

    hi there my Lunch was yumhwowas your luhch

  14. j says:

    Hello I had a grat lunch and I liked my lovely food and a good play time. how was your lunch? I played with dilin.

  15. GS says:

    HELLO I had a nice luch also I was doing the splits while I was waiting for my friend. I hope you had a nice lunch too .

  16. th says:

    Hello Mrs B

  17. fbracegirdle says:

    Dear TH

    Mrs B

  18. fbracegirdle says:

    Dear All,

    for those who didn’t write a post – hello!

    Mrs B

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